macen and ruthie enjoying a snowy morning in boulder.

After reading today’s front-page article in the USA Today newspaper, brad and i have decided to move to holland, Michigan. ok…maybe we aren’t moving because of the article. But, WAY TO GO HOLLAND!!!! wow. Holland was ranked 2nd in the country by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being index, based on interviews with more than 353,000 Americans in 2009. Individuals were asked to assess their jobs, finances, physical health, emotional state of mind and communities. VERY Impressive west michigan!

check out the article here:

ok…so maybe the article had nothing to do with our decision to move back to Holland, but it definitely encourages us in our decision! Brad and i have been talking about moving back to Michigan for some time now. We are excited about living closer to family, water, friends, etc…. although we have truly loved our time in Colorado and will miss many many many friends, we are excited about the move.

we aren’t moving to Holland until May but we have already found a place to live. yes, we will be buying my childhood home from my parents! My parents bought this house when i was 5! (right, mom and dad? do you think i was 5?? or maybe 6?) i am thrilled that my kids will have the same type of memories and experiences that i had while growing up. that house is filled with amazingly good memories and i can’t wait to make more!

brad has been down in Tucson, Arizona at his team’s training camp for the last week. He is racing for Team United Health Care presented by Maxxis.

Macen and i have kept pretty busy while he’s been out of town….swimming at the rec center with mace’s little friend (Eston), walks around Boulder, slumber party with Anne and Mara, runs, hanging out at my favorite coffee shop…Vics cafe (best latte in Boulder). it’s been a fun week. but we are super excited about brad coming back on monday!!! can’t wait.

a lot has happened since we last posted…sorry it’s been so long! here’s a run-down on what’s going on in the White household: we sold our our in Littleton (close this friday!), Jenny’s (my) last day at Lockheed Martin was last Thursday and my first day as a full-time mom was Monday (wohoo!!), we packed up all our belongings in two trailers…uncle mark and dad drove out here just to haul all our crap back to MI (how’s that for family?! i think we are the luckiest people in the world!!!) the cars were so packed down, they hardly had room for their own bags. seriously. after emptying our house in littleton we moved up here to Boulder! we plan to be here in Boulder until Mayish and then at that time we’ll head back to Michigan. We are excited to be close to family, friends, water, etc…
Brad is excited about the 2010 cycle season…Team United Health Care…it’ll be a good one!

your having fun is how the saying goes. That sure has been the case these past 8 weeks. Jenny headed back to work today. A little excited to head back but also a little bummed to not be hanging out with her boys. I have an easy week or two at the office before jumping into training more regularly for the next season. The snow and colder temperatures makes it easy to take it easy and do some cross training. The three of us had a small adventure up to Breckenridge last week where we experienced -15 temperatures and a car that wouldn’t start. I can’t blame it when it’s that cold. We’ve had a great 8 weeks and have done a lot. The little guy is growing fast and is a true JOY. It’s only 12 more days before we head south to Florida for Christmas. I’ll try and keep you up on any adventures Macen and I have before then.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! so much to be thankful for.
have a great day!