Offy is a term cyclist use when they’ve hit the off-season. Although cycling is a passion of mine it’s a time I look forward to. It reminds me of the last day of school. At the race everyone says their goodbye to teammates and friends. Some of those teammates you will be competing against the next year and others you’ll continue traveling and racing with the next season. So for me the offy has officially started.

At the beginning of the offy it’s a joy to not be on the bike or even have to think about the bike. At the moment I am catching up on everything I wanted to do around the house but didn’t because I wouldn’t be recovering from race to race or training ride to training ride. Yesterday while cleaning out the shed I found a couple families of mice and a bat. All were still alive and startled me quite a bit. During the offy I look forward to spending more time with the family, hiking, eating and drinking to my hearts contest, and working on the house.

In years past I have participated in the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race and a few cyclocross races, but this year I will be taking a different approach. Next season is going to be a long season starting with races in January and concluding in October. It will require a few trips to Europe and a more demanding race calendar. I want to be prepared and in doing so I’m taking a big rest. If you want to grab a drink, go for a hike, or eat fatty food then give me a call. I’d love to join. But for now I’ve got to get some stuff done.