oh man…we made it. i was a little nervous (ok VERY nervous) about traveling across the country with a 3 week old. in my dreams we had to stop every hour and it took us about a week to get there. we actually made decent time and only had to stop every 3 hours or so. macen is already getting somewhat used our life of traveling constantly. thank goodness he likes his car seat.
so…we are here in Holland and heading up to Leland this afternoon (Thursday). Brad’s racing in the IceMan this weekend. We are super excited to see his family!!!
Macen got to meet some of the Los/Lokker side of the family already, but lookin’ forward to seeing everyone! we’ll be back in Holland next Thursday, through the weekend and maybe into the following week. it’s nice not having to rush back to CO for work 🙂
that’s all right now…sorry these posts are pretty lame. our current conversations consist of poop, burping, favorite diapers, etc. pretty uneventful.
have a great day!