The off season is always a good thing for the mind and body. This year I was planning on doing a couple cross races before hanging the bikes up for a small break. With the hip and back still sore from the crash at Tour of Missouri I think I’m going skip the couple cross races and take my break now. I was really looking forward to a couple early season cross races coming off Tour of Missouri. The form would be there but maybe not the technical skills. Since the bikes are up it’s time to get down to the real nuts and bolts of off season. It’s fun because you can sit there and say what do I want to do? One thing is for sure Jenny and I are having a little boy sometime in the next month. I’ll be preparing for that as much as possible. One of my favorite cyclist Jens Voigt told me at Tour of Missouri there isn’t much that can prepare you. You just have to learn as you go. That’s coming from a guy who acts like he’s hopped up on Red Bull and has 5 kids. A few more things and a carpet cleaning and we’ll be ready as we’re going to get. Other things I’m looking forward to are heading up to the mountains to see the changing colors and visiting with some friends while we eat and drink to our hearts content. It was a great season and I thank all you who have helped me through with your notes, calls, and cheers from the side of the road. We’ll do it again next year!