Over the weekend we had a great time with my brother Bo and his wife Nicole. We don’t get to see them enough! They were so happy to escape the heat of Vegas and be here in Colorado. It was warm here but felt delightful to them. The fist day they were here we headed up to the mountains and did a hike and ended with some lunch at Fatty’s. It was hard to pass up the Lewis Sweet shop since I know how much my brother likes milk shakes.
Saturday we headed up to Boulder caught the PrAna sale going on then headed up to the Vic’s Prospect Crit. It was fun having them see a race and bo was good at taking photos.
Sunday was a nice relaxing day around here before they took off. It was to short of a trip but it was great seeing them. Great to see they are doing well and always fun to hear Bo’s stories. With the training he does and having been in Afganistan earlier this year he has plenty. We hope to see them again soon. They’re really looking forward to being in Leland next week. Wish we could be there too!