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Jenny and I think of being near the lake up in Michigan when it comes to the 4th of July. This year we decided to head into the mountains to our favorite little town Crested Butte. Although we’ve been there many times in the winter we’ve heard you have to go in the summer. People say July is the best as the wild flowers are just amazing. Anne, Jenny and I got in late on Thursday to a little rain storm that lasted through the night. Setting up camp in the rain is not fun. We were blessed with awesome weather the rest of the time. We took full advantage of it and enjoyed the views and flowers on foot and by bike. Our camping spot up the Slate River Valley was great! We had front row seats to watch cars make the river crossing. Some went straight for it with no hesitation and others were a bit nervous. We woke up one morning to a Jeep part under and stuck. Not a good start to the 4th of July for him. Crested Butte is a fun town with great eats and my favorite coffee shop. Camp4Coffee is a fun little place that makes a killer Americano! It was fun doing the mountain thing over the 4th and seeing our favorite winter wonderland during the summer. It was a quicker drive as Cottonwood Pass was open from Buena Vista to CB. A drive that is fun with stunning views. Although we missed the lake Michigan and seeing the family we’ll be enjoying that near the end of this week as we head back to MI for a week. Hope to see some of you there.