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This race was my first stage race ever 3 years ago as a cat 3. It was fun coming back and being able to win it as a Pro. Laramie, WY is a fun little town just 2 hours north of Denver. Jenny and I drove up with Ian and Stefano on Friday and set up camp at the base of the stage 1’s climb. The campsite sits at about 8,500 feet as you enter Medicine Bow National Forest. Probably one of the most beautiful national forests around. The rivers were roaring and the mosquitos were many with the good winter and spring they’ve been having. The racing went well as the three of us tag teamed it and went 1,2,4 on the first day. After the crit Ian and I stayed the same but Stefano grabbed some time on 3rd place. Stefano and Ian had pretty good TT’s but some others were a bit stronger and they lost a little time. Still really good. The work I’ve been spending on the TT bike payed off as I took 2nd in the TT putting me 1st on GC. After getting cleaned up we headed down to the train station were they had a BBQ and awards. After eating and collecting our prizes we headed off for home making it back before dark. We all agreed it was a good weekend except me crashing in the RR and feeling like a broke my wrist. It’s still sore to put pressure on it but it’s feeling better each day. It’s a race worth checking out as they do a great job. If you don’t like altitude I wouldn’t go. In the RR you climb to 10,000 feet twice, the criterium is at 7,000 feet. and the TT is above 8,000 feet. If you do come bring your lungs and do the camping thing. I still need to get the photo from Stefano but when we pulled up to the campsite the sewage guy was there emptying the toilets. His company name on the truck was “Yesterdays Meals on Wheels”. We got a good laugh and enjoyed some cleaner bathrooms.