We’ve been lazy on the posting but having a lot of fun. We had a great time back in Michigan visiting friends and family. Jenny flew back home while I headed east for a couple weekends of racing with a week staying at a teammates house in PA. His house used to be an old one room school house. The only issue we kept having was his cat Dora kept bringing half dead animals she caught outside to us inside. Sometime we’d get em out and sometime She’d loose em. When I got home it was cool and raining but I took 4 days off the bike so it didn’t really matter. Over the weekend we had a great time up in Glenwood Springs, CO. We had a ride along the Colorado River, swam in the hotsprings, and watched the Red Wings loose. I raced a cool Road race on Saturday before we headed home. Dan Hekman was in town so we hung with him a bit and went to a Rockies game and watched them loose too. Jenny and I have decided we are bad luck for sports teams. On a good note teammate Rory Sutherland won the Nature Valley Grand Prix on the last day and last lap of the race! The team did great! After a little break it’s back at training hard to build up for Cascade in Bend, OR. It’ll be fun having Jenny out at the race. She’s been feeling good but can now tell there is something inside her as the little guy is getting bigger and starting to kick a bit more 🙂 Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.P6122480P6122485<img