If you ever wondered what a Gila Monster looked like there you go. After three years of doing that hard race I still like it and it’s treated me well. As a team we had an okay race even though we were hoping for more. Once again I found myself in the break each stage. The best was the last day when I was the only one left in the break with Lance and 5 others chasing me with the rest of the peleton blown to pieces. When I was caught I was able to hang with them until the steep part of the last climb when the legs felt the effort of the days break. I finished in the first group behind them for 7th. Had Lance and company not gotten so much help from other teams I think the break would have stuck but that’s racing.
Silver City hadn’t changed and I saw a lot of the same locals from years past. The crowds were a bit bigger and media crazy with Lance, Levi, and Horner there. It was nice to fly out of Silver City instead of drive home. The plane was a bit small but it was a smooth ride.
It’s sure nice to be home resting after that race. Some of the guys continued to Arkansas for Joe Martin Stage Race. Weather looks a bit bad with storms. They’re all tough and will do great. Karl and the sprinters just got done doing speed week and had a lot of podium finishes and one win by Karl. Next trip is not for racing but for fun in Moab, UT. I love that place. Another place I have only good memories. The weather is nice and the ground green here in Colorado. Something that doesn’t last long. Soaking it up in the sun today while I take a recovery ride.