So if you haven’t heard Jenny and I are having a baby sometime in the middle of October. Jenny’s mom Deb was in town while I was down fighting Gila Monsters and getting ready for our own little Gila Monster. As Jenny is beginning to show they went shopping for clothes and started to look at strollers and all the other good stuff we’ll be needing. We’re super excited and happy everything looks healthy. Yesterday Jenny had a doctors visit and asked if they could squeeze in an ultra sound since her mom was there. We are getting close to the date where you can tell the sex of the baby. Since we’re going to find out they gave it a shot. The little baby is a mover and a shaker so it was a bit hard to get a good shot and it’s a bit early but a few shots were pretty good and the nurse said she is pretty sure it’s going to be a boy but won’t say a 100%. She first said 90% then got another shot and said 98%. We’re not going out to buy boy stuff yet and will have a better idea in a month but for now that’s the news. Jenny feels good and the baby looks healthy. Once the little guy starts kicking we’ll find out who’s legs he got 🙂 Thanks for all you words of encouragement and support. We’ll try and keep you up to date on what’s happening.