Tomorrow I leave to Tucson, AZ where we’ll do some sponsor rides as a team and get ready for Tour of the Gila that starts April 29th. Tour of the Gila is one of the hardest stage races here in the US. It has a ton of climbing, wind, and altitude. It’s also in Silver City, NM which can be draining to some. I have a love for this race and town as it’s the first stage race I participated in three years ago. The town takes you back and there’s not much there. I can count on seeing some familiar local faces at the coffee shop on the corner of Main St. It’ll be my first year not driving the 12 hours down and not sleeping on the floor or air bed. Tour of the Gila has always come with some good but strange memories. I’m sure I’ll come home with some more. So the other day as I was cleaning out our desk I found three disposable cameras that I had no clue what was on them. The one had a couple pictures from me winning a race in Belgium and driving an old US army Jeep from WWII that some Belgium guy had in his barn. Not great quality but fun to remember. A guy named Men that helped us out
Driving the Jeep