After three days of crap weather down here in Denver we’re finally getting back to the normal temp and sun this next week. On Thursday it started to rained and snowed. This continued through Friday and Saturday. Down here in Denver it was wet but up around 6,000 ft. It was snowing like crazy. Although it seemed like a pain the rain and moisture is really good. It’s already melted a lot and things are actually green! It also allowed me to rest the legs a bit. Rest is always good.
Saturday we went up to Breckenridge to celebrate Noel’s Birthday. It was a fun party and is always good to see Peder and Noel. The trip up wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be. Getting up there a little early for a snowshoe was nice. It was fun to find a new trail and see the sun come out. Sunday we went down to Colorado Springs so I could race. The rest treated me well as the legs felt super strong. I spent a lot of energy in the wind on the front to keep the break at a good distance. I Didn’t really care that I was burning energy because it was good training. With 5 miles to go there were only 5 of us left and I ended up 4th but helped Phil win. When you don’t have a team at local races you sometime have to team up with other pros. Next week looks awesome. Should be in the 70’s and sunny most of the time. That’s what I’m talking about!