It’s been nice have a training partner the last couple of day. Cameron Evans one of my teammates came into town and staryed with Jenny and I for a few days. Sunday we got caught in freezing rain that reminded us of the first couple days of Tour of California. Monday and Tuesday were much better and we were able to get two solid days of training in the mountains. It was fun showing someone the roads I train on every day. Last night we dropped Cam off in Boulder were he’ll be staying for the next couple of weeks before Tour of the Gila. After dropping Cam off we met up with Chuck Coyle and the Bazz for pizza at Prodos. Bazz is staying in Boulder for the summer and just got back from spending time back home in Italy. It was great seeing them as well as Sova and Jen (chucks girls). If you’re ever up in Boulder and want a good pizza try Prodos Pizza on the North side of Boulder. Good food and great staff! Looks like spring is starting to make it’s appearance. Hope you all are enjoying the nicer weather.