This spring has been a bit crazy this year in Colorado. It seems we’ve had much more snow than we did all winter. This week looks good and I think we’re over the hump. After not racing on Sunday due to snow a bunch of us went out for pizza and beer. It was fun to get together with everyone. We had the Jantos family ouch super fans, Sarah Blystra, Sarah George, Kate Kleyn, Laura Herrema, Kevin, my riding partner Ian and his wife Jen, and the Taylor family. Lets just say we destroyed the all you can eat pizza at Woody’s Pizza in Golden. The next day the sun was out and Ian and I had an awesome ride high in the mountains. We came back with mud coated bikes and clothes because the dirt roads looked to fun. Today I’m looking forward to having lunch with my cousin and aunt. Helen is moving out here from Newport Beach, CA to work for company called ebags ( I just got an e-mail yesterday from our marketing director letting me know our first newsletter is out. If you go to you’ll find it on the right side if you scroll down a little. It’s a photo of me on the podium at ToC. Click that and download. The team is super strong and we’re waiting for our break. This Saturday Cam Evans is coming out to train with me a bit before Tour of the Gila. It’ll be fun having a teammate to train with for a bit. I hope we’ve reached spring. I really am hoping spring comes quickly to those of you in the midwest. I know you’ve got be be itching for shorts and warm weather.