gayper Day
April Fools Day is also know as Gayper Day in the mountains of Colorado. They celebrate it pretty hard. I first found out what a Gayper was when I was working at the ski shop up in Frisco. It’s basically another name for a tourist. When I showed up at Peders house yesterday to ski he was dressed in bright neon pink pants and a neon green ski jacket. I’m sure he picked them up at Recycle Ski & Sport. He was off school for the day so after he finished some grading we headed up the mountain to the tow-rope. We spent a lot of time up there enjoying the fresh 7 inches they got during the night and another few that morning. It was great! A little bonus since I thought I was done skiing for the season. It was also my first experience being on the mountain for Gayper Day. Some people were really playing the part. As they were standing in line with there one piece neon pink ski suits, camera around the neck, 190cm straight skis, and map opened trying to figure out where to go. If you want to know how to dress as a Gayper here are a few tips

Bright Colored Clothing
Crazy Ski Hat
Tight ski pants tucked into boots
Jeans and Starter Jacket of a Texas Team
Straight skis (190 or longer is best)
Ski Blades (Short Skis)
Anything neon or old will do too.

Hope to see some of you dressing the part next year!