These are the races I have a good idea that we are doing. There are probably more and there is always a chance one may be on here that we won’t. Who will be at each of these races I’m not sure either. Hope this gives you a bit of an idea. I can always post if one comes up. I’ll also let the web guy know.

San Dimas Stage Race March 20-22

Redlands March 26-29

SE Crit Series April 26- May 3

Tour of Gila April 30- May 3

Joe Martin May 7-10

Oregon Pro Cycling Classic May 11-17 (This race may not happen)

Commerce Bank Invitational June 8

Nature Valley June 10-14

Cascade July 22-26

Tour of Elk Grove July 31- Aug 3

Pres. Healthcare Crit Aug 8

USPRO Crit Aug 15-16

Tour of Utah Aug 18-23

US Pro TT- US only Aug 29

US Pro Road Race- US only Aug 30

Tour of Missouri Sept 7-13