After being on the road for about a month I’m home and enjoying being lazy. It’s been a hard couple of months on the body. After being in Michigan for Christmas is was long miles getting ready for camp. Then there was training camp followed by a little rest before Tour of California. After California we went straight into Vuelta Mexico, which was an adventure and a half.

The adventure started with the 13 hour trip it took to get to the start town south of Mexico City. Then it was day after day of high altitude racing at full speed on bad roads. We got lost almost everyday on the way to and from races but it didn’t matter because all the other teams did too. If the days weren’t hard enough they threw in a 130 mile stage that climbed to the moon back down and up to the moon again and again and again. This stage took over 7 hours and everyone was laughing by the time they got to the team car. the laughter came because of how crazy the stage was. Even the second group on the road was dodging traffic coming into the city. There was no more water or good in team cars and the field was spread out over an hour. The next day was hard and by the 7th stage everyone was cooked. The attacks that came early in the race looked like they were in slow motion but the funny thing was it was hard to cover them. Everyone was cooked. We were able to recover a bit and lead it out to win the final stage in Mexico City. I’ve never seen a city so big in my life. As we flew in on the first day the buildings went for as far as you could see. I guess there are some 30 million people that live there. The guys from Canada said there are only 32 million people who live in Canada. The day after the race we had some time before we flew out so Cam, Karl, and I got a cab to the historical area and had a walk around. It was a really cool area and was fun to end the trip to Mexico with a little sight seeing and authentic mexican food.

After staying the night in San Diego I am finally home and enjoying myself. It’s been a hard start to the season with 17 hard days of racing in 23 days. The season is long and to make sure I don’t burn my body out the next two weeks are going to be pretty easy in terms of traininig. Time to get eveything back in place and settle back into being home. p2282082p2282097p3092140