(this is jenny)

Today was UNREAL!!!  So stinkin’ excited i still feel like i’m going to jump out of my skin.  My parents and i went to watch the start in San Jose.  They did a lap around the town and then over to Sierra Road, first HUGE climb.  Our plan was to watch the start and then boogie over to the finishline at Modesto.  Kevin Hawkins (good friend) was up on Sierra Road.  He called us right away when he found out that Brad was in a break with 3 other riders (RAbobank, Liquigas and BMC – Jeff Louder).  Kevin was so stinkin’ excited he could hardly talk!  The small break hung at a 30second time gap for a while and then climbed to 1:15….3:00….and then it maxed at nearly 6 minutes! 

By this time my parents and I had made it to Modesto and found a PERFECT restaurant right at the finishline.  They had tons of TVs playing versus and we could see the jumbotron right out the window…it couldn’t have been better!  We watched the time gap hang around 5:30 for a LONG time and then with 25ish miles to go the peleton really put the hurt down and started reeling them in.  Astana was pushing hard at the front. 

It came down to the last couple kilometers….Jeff Louder and Rabobank made a move with 2k (ish) to go and then they were caught by the peleton RIGHT AT THE END at the last K.  It came down to a sprint finish and Thor Hushovd won the sprint.  The entire race was so exciting….as i’m sure you all already knew 🙂  I received SO many calls and texts from everyone.  You guys are AWESOME!!!!!  

Right after the race we saw brad heading over to the announcers area and podium…the media director of OUCH informed us that brad was receiving the ‘Most Courageous Rider’ jersey.  We made our way through the crowds to the podium and, with the help of OUCH directors, we were able to sit in the VIP section to watch the podium presentation….it was NUTS!!!

After the podium presentation there was a quick press conference with Brad, Thor Hushovd of Team Cervelo, and Michael Rogers of team Columbia.  Reporters, TV crews, etc all present and asking lots of questions.  Brad did a great job:)  it was crazy.

Brad was pumped about the race but also excited about getting his massage, eating and going to bed.  Thanks again to everyone who assisted us with time gaps and informing us on what was happening in the race while we were driving to modesto!!!  HUGE HELP!!!

***There are some GREAT pictures on VeloNews and CyclingNews.com