i was thanking God today that i am not a professional cyclist (jenny here).  man it was NASTY out!  Brad finished with the peleton.  There were a few OUCH guys in different breaks.  Tim Johnson was in the first big break with 2 other riders.  The break was up to a 12 minute time gap…but was slowly reeled in by a break of 23 riders, including Lance, Levi, Floyd, Rory Sutherland (OUCH powerhouse), Pat McCarty (another OUCH powerhouse) and others.  At a critical point in the race (near the end) Floyd got a flat tire and there was no support.  Pat McCarty gave Floyd his bike but at that point he was pretty much out of the race because of the time loss.  VERY unfortunate and pretty frustrating for the team.  It’s only stage 1 though….so much can still happen!    I didn’t get a chance to see Brad after the race.  They all hurry into the motorhome to warm up and eat, and then they left for the hotel.  But i talked to him and he sounded pooped but ready to race again tomorrow (haha, i can’t imagine!).  He said that he felt pretty good but the cold, constant rain wasn’t good on his muscles while going up the climbs. 

We are watching the weather right now and it doesn’t look good AT ALL for tomorrow.  man.  The race tomorrow starts in Sausilito, crosses the golden gate bridge and ends in Santa Cruz.  There are 2 HUGE KOMs (king of the mountain) climbs…brad was thinking that it will be a good stage for a break to stick.   Thanks for reading!!!  and sorry i don’t have many pics of the actual race.  I get too excited to take pictures.