It comes as no suprise that I love The Lewis Sweet Shop since Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives is the only show I like on the food network. I love Diners and places that look like complete dives. The Lewis Sweet Shop is in Empire, Colorado just off I-70 on your way to Winter Park. It’s got some pretty good burgers and amazing extra thick shakes. After skiing up Butler Gulch and eating the food we had packed the stomach was content. While driving through Empire the Sweet Shop came into site the mouth began to water. At this point there was no passing without stopping. Jenny acted like she didn’t want any and would just have a bite of my shake. I thought that would be fine even though I knew it would be more than a bite and I’d have to get a bigger size. When we walked in the door she quickly changed her mind and got her own. I thought that was a good idea. For your information a small is pretty darn big. We always order the extra thick, which you have to eat with a spoon. To give you an idea a 12 oz cup is like 18 oz by the time they’re done. So if you’re ever on the way to Winter Park or need a stop off I-70 on your way to the other resorts stop in and enjoy. It looks like a dive but trust me it’s awesome. The next time I think I’m going to eat the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. At this place they have chocolate covered bacon. Sounds sick but It also sounds like something I have to try. p2082032p2082029