brads-b-day-014Over the weekend we were enjoying temperatures in the mid 50’s low 60’s. It’s what the mind and body need this time of the winter. I call it the January tease though because it makes you feel like spring is right there. When I look ahead to the next 4 days they look pretty darn good too. I leave on Thursday morning for training camp in southern California. Just in time too. It looks like winter will return to us on Friday. Until then we’ll enjoy the feeling of spring and the warm sun. Last Thursday for my birthday Jenny and I had an amazing dinner at Cafe Terracotta in old town Littleton. I was full but still couldn’t wait to get a piece of that chocolate cake Jenny had made. She was kind enough to drive me home but when the garage didn’t open I was a little frustrated since I had just got a guy out to fix it. When I went to open it manually I was taken back by a number of my close friends. Yes, I was the victum of a suprise party. The whole garage was decked out and there was a party going on. We had a good time eating, drinking, and hanging out. The night was a blast! Oh ya the garage wasn’t broken either. Thank God!

Suprise!!!When it was getting late things got weird