the Christmas Tree is up, the snow is flying, and the trainer is set up. After three quality days of training up in Boulder I’m indoors taking an easy spin as the snow comes down. I like the snow and I can handle an easy day. I’m glad I got a big ride in on Tuesday when the weather was nice up in Boulder. There were about 8 of us that took off from Boulder and headed up to Ward. A few of us headed North and stopped for a coffee in Estes Park. Tyler Hamilton and I decided to take the long way home down toward Loveland. At the end of the day Ty and I clocked 5 hours 45 minutes and 110 miles. We made it back just before dark. On Wednesday it was back up to Boulder for cyclocross. Chuck and I hit it hard and tried to stay warm as it was in 20’s and flakes were flying. After my fingers and toes got their feeling back I was glad I did it. Today I hit the gym and lifted weights and even got in the pool for a few laps. I can’t believe what we used to do in the pool. My all out effort now is what I used to consider 65% effort. CRAZY! Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year and all the snow. It was a sad day today at lunch as I finished off the turkey leftovers. Thanks for reading!