As many of you already know I have signed with a new team for next year. Last year the team was know as Health Net Maxxis and captured there 5th straight NRC Championship. The NRC is the National Road Calendar and they had scored more points than any other team. They also had the individual NRC champion on the team as well (Rory Sutherland). This year the the team is know as OUCH presented by Maxxis. OUCH Sports Medical Center is the place that replaced the hip of Floyd Landis a year or so ago. At the end of January Floyd Landis can compete again after serving a two year suspension from the sport after testing positive at the Tour de France. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season of racing. It’s a great group of guys with lots of talent. Soon there will be more in the news on the team. Here is a small article that came up on velonews today.