After a few days that felt like summer we now have a day that reminds us that it’s November. Not only is it November but December is right around the corner. This week it’s been in the high 60’s and mid 70’s. It didn’t really feel like November except people were putting up Christmas lights. I wasn’t complaining though as I’m rememberinh what it’s like to be on the bike every day. I’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather by getting in some long rides. I haven’t been doing many blog posts because not much is going on. Jenny has been busy at work and I’ve been training a lot. Today it was cold and spitting rain. I thought I would ride indoors but ended up going out on the mountain bike. I found some sweet new singletrack near the house and saw some Big Horn Sheep up Waterton Canyon. There was some snow on the side of the trail up a little higher and I came back dirty and wet. After feeling like a wimp earlier today for thinking I’d ride inside I felt tough. The cold weather made me think of chili so I made a big pot. Joel Unema, Jenny’s cousin is coming in soon and we’re going to warm up with a large bowl of it. Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year. Looking forward to turkey day!