To some this day is better than Christmas. Hunting season officially starts today. As one newspaper article said, “this is the only day of year you can HEAR the sun rise”. I’m not trying to scare people from going into the woods, but if I were you I’d wear bright orange. There are some nut balls out there. I know this because I hear Bruce, Mark, and Scott are up at the cottage and have already been out. I heard Scott shot a dear but is still looking for it. I hope he finds it and we can enjoy some of the meat when we’re back for Christmas. Everyone be safe and enjoy!

One of my favorite memories of hunting season was when we were eating breakfast at the Early Bird in Leland, Michigan. A guy walked in with a complete orange jump suit. We asked if he was hunting. He said, “no. I wear this during hunting season so if I get shot we know it wasn’t an accident, it was murder”.