It’s hard to sum up the  trip in a short post but it was wonderful. After spending a few days near Zurich and Jasons place we headed into the Swiss Alps by Interlaken. If you ever go to Switzerland I would suggest this area. From there we headed into the Alps and took a cable car to the place we would  be staying for the next few days. It was a peaceful place with GREAT views and simple lives. The hiking and time we spent there was great. I would say that this place was my favorite. After spending a few days there and headed down to Italy and stayed in a small village along Lake Como where we scored on a ladies apartment. After a day or so there we headed to see the Bazz. One of my teammates from last year that lives in Italy. We had a great time with him and his girlfriend. His dad sent us on our way with some amazing cheese. All the food there wasn’t amazing though. Jenny ordered a bird dish that came out with a bunch of tweedie birds. We tried it but won’t order it again. From there we headed up to Germany where we spend a few days with JR and Angi another one of my teammates and his wife. They are staying in a beautiful village just south of Munich. While we were there we did some hiking and a little biking too. It was a bit of a food tour too. JR and I went for a Bavarion breakfast one morning that consisted of white sausage, a pretzel, and a wheat beer. I like the way the Germans do things. It was a great trip! We were very blessed to have a lot of friends to visit. Thank you Jason, Bazz, Angie, and JR for putting up with us. We had a blast seeing you guys over there. I left a lot of fun times out of this post but thought the pictures on the flicker would show some of them. It’s good to be back and the jet leg isn’t to bad. Another day or so and we’ll be good. Thanks for reading.