No it’s not for bike racing but a little rest and relaxation. We hope to relax a lot but maybe not rest so much. We’re off to Switzerland tomorrow and can’t wait to be hiking in some small villas in the alps. When we first get there we plan on seeing Jason Los (Jenny’s cousin) who is working there for the next year or two just outside Zurich. After that we head down to Interlaken and the alps just to the south. After a few days of hiking and maybe canyoning it’s off to the other side of the alps near Italy in Lugano. We might meet up with Bazz (my teammate) and swim in Lake Como. After a few days there it’s up to Germany to see Angie and JR (my teammate and his girl). If anyone has any advice we’ll take it. We’re supper excited and are getting close to being done with out packing.

We had a good last day in Vail and got a good Mountain bike ride in before the snow came. Not sure how much vail got yesterday but people are starting to get excited about ski season up in the mountains.