My FAVORITE time of year by far! I love the feeling of slipping on a sweatshirt and cords as I walk out into the crisp autumn air. The past week the colors have been incredible up in the mountains. We had a great hike last weekend north of Silverthorne with Kevin, Sarah, Peder and Noel. The colors were great but so was the lake and water fall we saw. Bruce and Deb rolled into town that same afternoon and we headed up to Vail. It’s been great going on hikes,bike rides, and enjoying the quiet of the mountains this time of year. We all hiked Vail Mountain the first day and all agree that coming down was more taxing on the legs then going up. After being down in Denver for a few days Jenny and I are ready to get back up there for the long weekend.

Yesterday I was able to feed my love for the sport of cyclocross with the Boulder training ride/race. The first venue Chuck met a rock while trying to pass someone and lost. He was pretty tore up but continued to the next location with everyone else. At the second venue I was determined to win or do well. I was in the front group and attacked coming into the finish. I had the gap and took it. Some guy I call monkey boy tried taking it at the end and took me out from the side. This resulted in me flying over my bike head first as I supermaned through the air onto the groud. With a few scraped and a little wip-lash I came out the winner. My bike got a good dent in it and I’m a bit sore today, but I can’t wait to do it again.