Before the trip to Vegas we were all saying, “VEGAS BABY”! After almost a week I’m saying, “vegas”. I had great time out in Sin City but it’s GREAT to be back home. The weekend at the Golden Nugget was fun and we didn’t come away loosing much. It’s hard to loose much when you don’t gamble much. One of the funniest things was the deap fried twinkie. Sounds good and taste good too. Once the bike show started on Monday I spent two days testing the 2009 bikes out near the Hoover Dam in Bootleg Canyon. It was a blast hitting the mt. bike trails on some bikes I’ll never own. When Wednesday came the indoor show started and you can’t believe it. It’s like 4 Sams clubs full of bike stuff. Pretty fun to walk around but a little draining after a while. Wednesday night was Cross Vegas. This is why I stayed in Vegas for a few extra days. After getting in a small fender bender on the way to the race and just making it to the start things started out good. I had a bad start position but moved up in the opening small lap. I was sitting about 20th nearing the finish of the first lap right behind Lance Armstrong. I was thinking man I’m in good position, this is great! Just then my legs start spinning and my chain is off and stuck. I jump off and fight my chain back on as 50 guys go past me. I try to get back up to Lances group but end up in no-mans-land. I finished but not as good as I wanted. Stuff like that happens in cross and you just have to deal with it. It was fun though with lots of fans. Can’t wait for next year!!!