Well new to Jenny and I anyway. The little yellow Columbia Sport III is Jenny’s cruiser that I hope to use some too. Not so sure we needed another bike in the garage but we always seem to find room for just one more.

There’s something about riding a bike that I just love. Last night Kevin and I headed out on the Mt. Bikes up the Colorado Trail. What a beautiful trail! I forgot my camera though. We returned in the dark wishing we had more daylight. When Kev and I go mt. biking we often talk about the trip we did to Moab in College. We also talk about how much RJ would love this trail. I have to cycling friends from the pro peleton that just finished their season and packed their mt. bikes up to ride the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. That’s a 600 mile trip that should take them a good 10 days if all goes well. Wish them luck. Jenny just got back from her trip out east. I sent her a photo of the drink I made this morning. I’m the foam master.