This morning I got up at 6:00 am made myself some oatmeal and coffee for the car ride up to Boulder. I met Chuck at his house and we rode to downtown Boulder for the cross training ride. We took off at 8:00 and headed to the research center where everyone ditched there arm warmers and vest. As we were standing around talking someone yelled go. At this point 60 plus people take off racing around in the dirt. After about 25 minutes it was over and everyone was talking about their ride as we headed to the park behind the Elk Club for more of the same. I missed the start of the second one because I was talking to Nat Ross about cross country skiing this winter. I jumped in with Chuck on the second lap and had fun attacking the group we were in. When it was all over Chuck and a few of us headed out for another 1.5 hours on dirt paths, roads, and trails around Boulder. I had a blast and wish I had my camera. I’m already excited about the next one I can make it to on Oct. 1st. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that showed up. I don’t think anyone in Boulder works. I think they just play.