Next year the peleton is going to be shifted around quite a bit. There are a lot of teams going under and a lot of guys looking for jobs. It’s a buyers market out there for the team managers. I heard last year by September 1st about 80% of the peleton had already signed a contract for next year. This year there was probably about 5% of the peleton that had signed a contract by then. All the managers are waiting to see what happens. With big teams going under like Toyota United, Jittery Joes, Symmetrics, and other teams thinking they were going under like Health Net and Successfulliving things were not looking good. Some of the teams might find sponsors but thats a might and that scares the riders on those teams. I thankfully had a good season and was noticed by a few good teams that started seeking me out after hearing Successfulliving might not be around next year. My two best options were Bissell and Health Net. Both super strong teams with good management and fun riders. It was a hard decision but I have decided to ride for Health Net. Health Net will not be the sponsor and the name of the sponsor has not been released. The team will be keeping the same staff and structure but adding a few riders. This team has just finished off the season taking it’s 5th NRC overall title. This title is given to the best team in the USA over the course of the year. They also had the top ranked individual rider in the NRC. I am honored to ride on such a stong team and I know we can dominate again next season. A few of the riders I know they are keeping are: Rory Sutherland- NRC idividual winner and ex Robobank rider, Tim Johnson- Strongman and Wearer of the stars and stripes jersey for cyclocross this year (national champion), Karl Menzies- NRC individual winner last year, and Floyd Landis- yes Floyd Landis ex US postal and Phonak rider. Winner of the Tour de France (kinda). He has just finished his two year suspension for testing positve in the Tour de France and he’s back with his new hip and all. As you can see I we are going to be a tough team with lots fire power. Next year I will not be a GC rider unless things turn out that way from me being in a big breakaway. That would be nice having Floyd working for me 🙂 I got hired on to do what I do best ride aggressive and get in the break. I’m really looking forward to the race season next year. For now I’ll take it easy. Yesterday I went on a ride up by Evergreen and when I was climbing I took a peak behind me and saw some white stuff on the tops of the mountains. It won’t be long now and we’ll be carving some turns in the nar nar.