Downtown San Diego is one of my favorite big cities. I know to some it’s not big but for me it has a big city feel. I think I liked it so much because it was easy to walk everywhere and there are so many good places to eat. I think I found most all of them. Breakfast is my favorite so I made sure to find all the good breakfast joints. One of the best was Richard Walkers pancake house. Jenny got the famous German Pancake that was bigger than her. When Jenny was done with her work we headed up to La Jolla, Encinitas, and Del Mar. Lots of cool shops, beaches, and of course places to eat. Thanks to Kevin and his ability to navigate the web for awesome local hot spots we were able to find some great places to eat. Out there people are very concerned with there health and you see a lot of organic places. One of my favorite was the Burger Lounge. This little hamburger places serves only grass fed beef, which is much better for you than beef raised on feed lots. It’s still a hamburger though and probably not the best thing for your health. It was one good burger though and I felt healthy eating it 🙂 It was nice getting out to the beach as well. I scared everyone away with my white stomach but then scared more people away the next day with my red stomach. I’m still feeling the burn. I’ve been off the bike for a week now and am itching to get back on. I have reason to get back to training as I just signed up for cross vegas next week. We head to Vegas on Friday with some friends to play and when they leave I stay for a few days to play some more. The big bike show (interbike) takes place in Vegas every year. This is where the whole industry shows off all there stuff for 2009. They’ve thrown a couple of bike races in there to give the bike industry something to do besides blow money at the tables. They can now blow money betting on their favorite cyclist. I’m really looking forward to it. Jenny heads out to Philly for a few days of work. I think she gets the award for being gone the most in September. She doesn’t seem tired of it yet. I think she knows Vegas is around the corner and I think we’re going to have some fun. Stay tuned for some good photos.