After less than 24 hours of being home from Michigan Jenny and I were back at the aiport flying to San Diego, CA. Jenny has a conference out here this week and I’m just here. I guess you could call it a Vacation as I didn’t bring my bike.

Being in Michigan was great! It was fun seeing friends and family. Reeds Lake Triathlon is always one of our favorite events as we get to see so many people we haven’t seen for a while. Congradulations to all of you who competed! Jenny was able to snag 2nd in the overall womens field with next to no training. I don’t know how she does it. Bruce smashed the old farts and a lot of the young guns as he rolled in top 15 overall and minutes ahead of the next guy in his age group. The Priority Health Grand Cycling Classic is also becoming a favorite event as we get to see everyone again. I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting me and my teammates. It’s nice hearing people cheer for you all around the course. Thanks! Sundays race in Ann Arbor was fun too. A little more selective as only 14 guys finished in the front group. I think the course was a bit harder and people were tired from the day before. I got to spend about 35 plus minutes off the front solo. Not always fun but good for becoming the crowd favorite. When the main group caught be there were only 13 guys left in the main group. I helped keep it together so Bazz could sprint it out. Bazz did a great job and came in second getting nipped at the line. I was able to take the most aggressive rider jersey and give it to my new nephew Maguire who showed up to support us at just 4 days old! It was fun being in Ann Arbor as we got to see more friends and family. A big thank you to the McCallisters for letting us use there place as a home base. The most exciting thing about being back in the area last week was the birth of Margie and Luke’s baby boy Maguire. I’m so glad we got to be around to see him. He is healthy and Margie and Luke will be great parents. Jenny and I are excited to an Aunt and Uncle. I’ll get some photos of the little guy soon.

Sorry for the long post. I should write more often. Again it was great seeing so many of you over the past week. Thanks for all your support at the races and throughout the season.