Although my body and legs feel comletely tashed my spirits are good. For one I just finished building my moutain bike up. Niner singlespeed. We’ll see how it works today when Kevin and I hit the dirt near our house. The girls are heading out on mountian bikes later today too. Erica is down visiting from Snow Mt. Ranch for a few days before heading into her final 5 days of work for the summer. She can’t wait. It’s finally cooled off around here after setting a record of 20 days in a row over 90 degrees. Green mountain down the road got struck by lightning and is no longer green mountain but black mountain.

I have to say thanks to Jenny, mom, dad, katie, bruce and deb for helping our team out so much at the Tour of Elk Grove in IL. Actually I also need to thank Garth and Mary Deur as well as Mary Meeker and Alden for their support. It’s a good race for spectators but not one that I enjoyed that much. After a so so TT, leg burning road race (110 miles avg. 28.3mph), and a chill crit (I had two teammates in the break) I finished 12th overall. It was a good weekend though because we got to see family and friends. One the way home Jenny and I met Megan at Iowa’s Best Burger Cafe off I-80 (think exit 271 or so) Good food and great ice cream. A must stop!

It’s off to the Tour of Utah next. I’m pretty excited for that race even though it’s going to be REALLY hard! After that it’s Pro Nationals in Greenville, SC and GR/Ann Arbor crits in Michigan. The dates for the crits in MI are GR-sept. 6th; Ann Arbor sept. 7th. Feel free to come watch or just come after to hand out. It’s always fun to see friends and family. Thanks for reading.