i finally uploaded some pics from the ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ triathlon. It was an AWESOME race and a fun weekend with my parents in San Fran. Alcatraz was an intense race…the water was 55 degrees and although it was a beautiful morning, the swells out in the bay were still huge and the current was strong. i think i got a bit lucky because i stayed on course for the 1.5 mile swim and finished right where i needed to. I LOVED the swim. the only thing i didn’t like was the fact that we were on the boat with 2,000 other swimmers, already in our wetsuits…with NO BATHROOM for about 40 minutes before the race started. I think i peed about 4 times in my wetsuit during the swim….55 degree water doesn’t help with that.  thank goodness it was a rental…haha.

the bike was ubber hilly. not long hills….just STEEP hills. the course was absolutely beautiful so was the run. my dad caught me with 3ish miles to go on the bike. he was movin’! he is a fast runner as well so i thought i would see him at the finish. turns out i caught him 2 miles in on the run. We were climbing up stairs when i caught him and we ran the last 6 miles together. The run was tough. up and down and up and down….1 mile on a sandy beach….400 steps of a sand ladder….just tough. But it was also a beautiful course….amazing views of the golden gate bridge. it was awesome. i think i had a bit of an advantage with all the hills, coming from Colorado. anyways…it was a great experience and a challenging race.

brad is currently in Bend, Oregon….racing at Cascade Classic. He hasn’t been doing as well as he had hoped but he’s having fun with the guys. Brian Jensen is having a great race! http://www.mbsef.org/CascadeCyclingClassic/