Philly is over now and we’re already in Minn. for 5 days and 6 stages of racing. Philly actually went well. It was one of the coolest races I’ve ever done. The fans on the wall section of the course were insane. I ended up getting in a break of 7 guys for about 100 of the 156 mile race. Tyler Hamilton was the only real threat in the break. With no real big teams represented we knew we would be caught. When we were caught I was able to hold in there for a few more laps and help our team out at the front in the wind before the climb. I was off the back with 20 miles to go and called it a day. Bike racing is hard for some to understand. It’s so different from other sports. People will see DNF on the results and think right away something happened or you had a bad day when actually you had a great day and did your job. For example on Sunday being in the break for that long and helping out at the front makes you more a part of the race then sitting in and finishing 20th. We got a lot of TV time and had a guy finish 18th which wasn’t that great but that’s how it goes sometimes. Jenny and her dad had a great time at Alcatraz. I’ll let her write how that went. The Lake Mac Tri looks like it went well. I saw some great photos. Good job everyone!!!