This is the name of the second race we did. Actually a really good race course for me. I wasn’t able to be strong near the end because of my role for the day. I was the man covering the early moves and getting in the breaks. Not so sure that was a good call by the directors as some of the riders who were sitting in got popped and I was blown from being active early. Next year I’ll look forward to that race. It was hard and fast but I was active and in the race until the end. Sunday is the big daddy in Phili. I’m going to be patient and see what happens. The biggest race we’ll do all year. It’s 160 miles long with good climbs and large crowds. The forcast is saying 97 degrees with lots of humidity. Not great for me but you never know. Jenny and her dad will be plunging into cold waters sunday morning as they tackle the escape from Alcatraz triathlon. We’ll be racing at the same time for a while. I wonder who will have more fun. Lets hope we all do!