The triple crown of cycling is a series of three races on the East coast. It all starts tomorrow with the Allentown circuit race. The week actually started yesterday with the CSC invitational which didn’t go too well for our team. We missed the early break that lapped the field and that was it. The next few days we hope to be better. After Allentown we head to Reading before the big race in Philly. I hear it’s the biggest race we’ll do all year. There are quite a few Pro Tour teams and riders out here but that doesn’t mean we can’t do well. We saw team Liquigas out riding today and Bazz was excited but didn’t want to go talk to them because he was wearing his skin suit out training. He forgot some clothes at the last hotel. Ooops! They look like they have almost a full team for the first two days. They’ll have a couple of more riders who will come on Sunday for Philly. The Giro just ended and they’ll be coming from that. Should be a fast week. Let’s hope it’s fun too!