Brad is currently sitting 13th in GC after the 3rd day. Today (Friday) is an 18 mile Time Trial. We road the course last night and it looks pretty stinkin’ tough. He’s excited though…feeling pretty good.
Yesterday was an 88 mile circuit race (5 big laps) of pure climbing. Brad made it into a good break with some strong riders. Unfortunetly he got 2 flats and wasn’t able to get a wheel the second time so he ended up back in the peleton. JR was in the break and did an great job! the break was caught with about 7 miles to go. Brad ended up finishing with what was left of the peleton…lots were falling off the back on the last climb. Good day though!
I LOVE OREGON!!! It is so beautiful! I think we are hitting it on a perfect weekend though. 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! The mountains are amazing and everything is so lush. The flowers are beautiful. Hood River is a darling town as well with cute coffee shops and fun restaurants. And i should mention that the cheap car i rented for the week ended up being a girlie CONVERTABLE….life doesn’t get much better.