back of my neck getting dirty and gritty. That’s the song I was singing in my head as we road up the bike path to Sundays NRC race in Ojai, CA. My legs were feeling a bit tired from the efforts in Santa Barbara the day before. Saturday we raced in Santa Barbara and took the first win of the year. We were active as a team the whole race and when it looked like it was going to come down to a field sprint we went to the front and lined it up with our two sprinters on the back. It worked out as planned with our sprinter taking the win. Sundays race was much more important for us as it was an NRC race and a bit of our hometown race. Again we were active in the beginning. I was in a couple of early moves that didn’t stick. There was then a main selection of 24 riders which I made with two other teammates. WIth two laps to go a couple of big names went off the front and we didn’t make it. They had about 20 seconds on the group and my job was to bring Bazz to the third to last corner in the front. I drove if hard on the last lap and brought the break back with Bazz on my wheel. I was going a bit fast and ended up in the bushes. Bazz hit it with JR there. Bazz took 4th and JR 11th. Once I got my chain back on I rolled in 22nd. I was happy that I had done my job but wished I could have held that corner and maybe come in the top 10. The team is looking real good as we head into Sea Otter this weekend. Lets hope it’s a bit cooler than the 90 degrees we were feeling on Sunday in Ojai. Thanks for reading.