p2010150.jpgJenny and I just had blast taking in the sites on the west coast. Jenny was in San Francisco area for work and since I had to be in California just after that I decided to tag along for training. I’ve never been to California and I was impressed. During the day I would train in the Palo Alto area behind Stanford University. The riding was great with light traffic and challenging climbs. The views were amazing and the roads sometime made you feel like you were in a rain forest or fairy tale. We spent some time in the town of Palo Alto before heading to downtown San Fran for a night. There we hiked along the coast and visited some of the sites before heading down to Fishermans Warf for dinner. We caught a trolley back to the hotel and went to bed looking forward to the farmers market the next day. When we got to the farmers market we went straight to the Blue Bottle coffee booth. This could be the best coffee ever. Behind pedaling beans of course šŸ™‚ After buying some food and visiting the blue bottle booth again we walked back and got ready to head up north to the wine country. It rained all day Saturday but we were lucky to have a dry Sunday to visit some wineries. My favorite was PlumpJack. It may have been the name I liked most. Jenny headed off Monday afternoon and I drove back down to Ventura. I’m here for two days before training camp starts. It looks like the weather is going to be nice. I guess there’s snow back in Denver area.