p1090002.jpgIn Denver there has been just enough snow falling that it makes it really hard to get out and train. When you can’t ride outside you end up riding the trainer indoors, which is not fun after 4 days. Yesterday I caught a ride up to Frico with Austin and hit the Frisco Nordic Center. The trails were in great shape. Everything had just been groomed and was fast. Funny though I didn’t always feel that fast. There were times I felt like my heart and lungs were going to come out of my chest. I guess you can’t go as hard at 8500 feet as you can in MI. It was a good change of pace in my training and good for the mind. Jenny gets back today from Washington D.C. and has tomorrow off. We’re going to head up and ski the Gnar for a couple of days. Bring on the sicky gnar gnar.