pc200027.jpgWe’re back in Michigan! After driving through the night we finally made it here at 10:30 Thursday morning. Laura and Jenny started the trip out as I tried to sleep and rest up for the late night/early morning shift. It was a bit hard as the girls were rocking out to Oprah’s 20th anniversary video. Jenny drove until about 2:00 am Colorado time making it all the way to Des Moines. Impressive! The girls crashed and I took over. It was an easy trip with no major slow downs. When we got here Jenny took a shower and I headed out on an hour spin finishing at JP’s Coffee Shop. Jenny and Deb were already there sipping on their soy latte’s. I was excited to get my hands on an americano. Ahh it tasted so good! So much better than the McDonalds coffee I had at 4:00 this morning. Also at JP’s were some familiar faces. You can always count on seeing someone you know hanging out at JP’s.  It feels good to be in Michigan for the Holidays. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone.

pc200010.jpg             pc200033.jpg

Bad Coffee                       Good Coffee