crested-butte-dec-2007-049.jpgEvery skier dreams of at least one day of fresh powder per year. This year our dream came true on our first day of skiing. We had planned to go to Crested Butte a week ago but were almost stopped when they closed Monarch Pass at 10 am on Friday. Our only way of getting there was now closed. We decided to risk it hoping it would be open when we got there. The trip was slow going from the beginning with snow packed roads. When we finally got to the pass we sat there for over 3 hours and then continued on snow packed/iced roads the final 80 miles. I’d never seen so much snow. We finally rolled in around 2 am. We were all so excited about all the snow and actually making it there that we could hardly fall asleep. The night was short as we rolled out of bed at 7 grabbed coffee and a Mc-Stop from the Gas Cafe and loaded the bus for the mountain. We got our free tickets and lined up 30 minutes early with a bunch of other excited skiers. Coming down the first run made the 10 hour trip feel completely worth it. Powder everywhere! So much we’d get stuck and not be able to get out. Jenny went a bit off the path and was stuck for 5-10 minutes. The first day was great and the snow kept coming. We left with our legs shaking but were excited to get another free day of skiing the next day. That night we hit the town eating a bit here and there. Crested Butte had there lighting of the tree and the town was full of excited locals. This is our favorite town in Colorado. It was especially exciting this time because of all the snow. Our trip home was a bit better as it only took us 4 and a half hours. If you want a real mountain town experience go to Crested Butte and enjoy.