avalanche.jpgBecause of a big crash the day after mine I was able to come home early. The airplane wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and home was everything I was hoping it would be. After I got home last Thursday afternoon I had a couple of days where I started feeling much better. For the last 3 or 4 days I’ve felt pretty much the same. I’m still sore around the ribs but able to move around much better. I do move a little slow but at least I’m moving around. Yesterday I went up to Recycle Ski and Sport and helped out. It was fun seeing some of the guys I haven’t seen for some time. We don’t have much snow in the mountains but I’m sure it will come soon. Last night I went to an avalanche level 1 training class with Kevin and Chip. It was a lot of good information with some funny one liners by the instructor. It really shows you that mother nature is nothing to mess with. I hope we get to the slopes soon. For now it’s a little recovery and healing time until training starts back up Dec. 1st. We’re really looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. We’re also really looking forward to getting back to Michigan for Christmas. See some of you then. Thanks for reading.