This was one of my favorite races last year and again this year. It’s a hard course that favors guys who can put out lots of power. They added an interesting twist this year with a big mud pit and run up. It was a stacked field with the best cross riders in the area. I’ve been feeling real good on the bike so I thought I could pull out a decent result. It’s tough in cross to get a good result because there are so many guys who specialize in cross. A good road rider doesn’t always make a good cross rider and a good mt. biker doesn’t always make a good cross rider. It’s fun though and you always get guys out there looking for some good fun racing in the off season. There crowds are usually good and crazy! The crowds are what make it the best. If you ever get a chance to go to a cross race it’s a good time. It ended up being really fun for me because I took 3rd place. A huge result for a Boulder cross race. To see some more photos from the race click on the flicker pictures on the right.