winter-mts.jpgWell the mountains got their first big storm of the year. A-Basin already opened for skiing and the others are getting ready. It’s nice to see snow out here in Colorado when the earth is so dead looking at times. Besides the change in weather in the mountains Jenny and I have been experiecing a lot of changes as well. The Colorado Rockies are going to the World Series! I’ve never really watched baseball but have really enjoyed watching the Rockies move there way to the World Series. GO ROCKIES! A relief and change for next year is the contract that I signed with Team Successfulliving. They are a pro cycling team out of Ventura, California. They’ve been around for two years and just signed to be around for three more. It’s a team that is making big strides and trying to get into all the big races like Tour of California and Tour of Georgia. It’s the next step for me so I’m really excited. If you want to check out the team’s site from this year go to Substitute teaching has been going good as well. I’ve been at Valor High School all week teaching freshman and sophmore history. Besides teaching I’ve been selling a bunch of stuff on craigslist for my old boss at Recycle Ski and Sport. Some of our friends have had a bit of change as well. Kevin Hawkins just got a sweet new job in Boulder. Those of you who have blogs might be inerested in what he does. When I get more info I’ll write about it. Basically they set up a search on your blog so people can search your blog. For example if you wanted to read something from when I was racing in Europe but didn’t want to scroll through my blog you just search racing in Europe and it takes you to articles in my blog about that topic. Pretty cool huh? I’ll let you know when I have more information.