Jenny going over the barriers

When fall hits so does cyclocross season. It’s one of those events that looks crazy and is crazy. The bike is a road bike with nobby tires like a mt. bike. You ride off-road most of the time with short road sections and barriers that you run over. Anyway… Jenny, Kevin, and I went up to Frisco, CO to join in the fun. It was Jenny and Kevin’s first cross race and they did great! It’s one of those things that you hurt so bad you hate it but when it’s all done you can’t wait to do it again. I felt like I had a solid race for my first one of the year. I ended up 5th but had 4th in the bag until my chain pop off. All well, that’s part of cross. It was beautiful up there as the colors are really changing. A-Basin opened up today for skiing, the earliest in history. I can’t believe people were skiing today when I was riding my bike in 76 degree weather.


Kevin dodging the trees