HOME SWEET HOME!After being on the road for two months jumping from one place to another I am finally home in Colorado. The last 3 weeks were quite nice as I was in Michigan and able to visit friends and family. As Jenny and I were driving back from the Denver airport it was a weird feeling being back. It was incredible to think of all the adventures and new ground I had covered in the last 2 months. I never would have thought when I began racing last year that I would be in Europe racing with some of the worlds best and hanging with some of our nations best back here in the states just one year later. When thinking about this it’s overwhelming and all I can say is what an amazing God we serve. We never know what plan he has lined up for us, but we can rest at ease because we can be sure it’s part of his plan for us to prosper. Jenny and I have been learning a lot about trusting God. You would think it would be easy when He always shows Himself faithful. It’s time to put our trust in Him once again as I seek for a team for next year. As the road season is now over I want to thank all of you who have supported me in my racing. My biggest supporter and the one who deserves the most thanks is my wonderful wife Jenny who has put up with me training and being on the road. I could never do this without her love and encouragement . The road season may be over but the adventures will never stop. It’s time for me to go fill out some forms so I can get to work. I’ll be a sub teacher whipping those kids into form 🙂